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Leslie Salazar is a driven and passionate first-generation Latina with over ten years of experience in community-building and marketing. In January 2023, she founded ColoresCreative.Co; a creative agency that empowers women-owned businesses through project management, marketing, and other services. Leslie is also a board member of the Latinas Welding Guild, where she received her welding certification, and is a graduate of the Indiana Latino Expo Axis Fellowship. In addition to her work with CC., she has held diverse roles at organizations such as The Mind Trust, TrendyMinds, Eli Lilly, and the 500 Festival, demonstrating her versatile skillset. Most recently, Leslie served as the campaign manager for an elected Indiana House Representative.

Leslie enjoys traveling, spending time with her dog Bindy, and creating beautiful things in her free time. She is passionate about building generational wealth and is currently house-hacking in Indianapolis with her partner Matt. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a diverse background in marketing and community-building, Leslie is well-equipped to support and empower women-owned businesses through her work at ColoresCreative.Co. If you think your business might be a good match for Leslie and her team, be sure to fill out the creative brief  to get started.

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