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Team Member Highlight: Meet Ozmara Arteaga!

We recently had some new additions to the ColoresCreative.Co team and want to take some time to introduce them. Ozmara Arteaga, our new Creative Assistant! Ozmara joined ColoresCreative to expand her design skills while serving a powerful purpose. She really enjoys reading and writing and is an artist and creative at heart. Learn more about Ozmara below.

If you had to describe yourself using only three emojis, which ones would you choose?


What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?

Sliding down waterfalls in the Dominican Republic.

Where can we most likely find you when you're not creating and innovating at ColoresCreative?

When not working at CC, you can find me on a hike and walk or hanging out at home.

What fictional place from a book or movie do you wish you could visit?

I would love to visit Hogwarts from Harry Potter!

Name a song that never fails to get you dancing!

La Vida Es Un Carnaval by Celia Cruz

Cats or dogs?


Coffee or tea?


Morning person or night owl?

Morning person; Early bird gets the worm!

What is your favorite creative tool?

Notion; It's a pretty version of spreadsheets


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